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Victory in Mind
Apr 14, 2021
4 key pillars to being tenacious. Discovering willpower to succeed. | Ep 5
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Episode Summary

I pose this question to you: What goal or objective are you determined to see completed in your life for today, this week, month, this year and beyond? 

Today on Victory in Mind podcast, I share key pillars that will help you and I move ever closer to achieve our objectives. Be inspired!


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[00:00:43] Waceke Wambaa - Host introduction to the show.

[00:01:06] Reflection Question for today’s show: What goal or objective are you determined to see completed in your life for today this week, month, this year and beyond? Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of tenacity.

[00:01:30] definition of tenacity. Overall implication of passage of time.

[00:02:19] Summary of tie-in with prior episodes on decision-making, we had started in episode three with that whole four-inch heel saga thing. And then in the previous episode, episode four, we talked about how just being bold enough to take that first step in making some important life decisions has to be started, but it can only be started by you. 

[00:2:42] What quality or character attribute keeps us on that path to do what needs to be done, to see the fruits of that decision come to pass. How do we determine determination?

[00:03:50] Some of the pearls of wisdom in learning how to live with victory in mind can be found in conversations and observations of people who have walked this earth long enough to have experiences that are often only unearthed with the passage of time.

[00:05:18] How did those who have come before us stay the course? How and why did they stay committed to those decisions that they made?

[00:05:35] Beyond social norms and patterns, I think it's so fascinating to find out what helped fuel and fashion these commitments of the older generation, that have held so strong or seemingly become stronger over the decades. One of my favorite things to do in feeding this hunger to hear more and to learn more of these stories was found, especially when I practice physical therapy or physiotherapy.

[00:07:46] It was fascinating to hear how they had had life challenges, but they decided to stay the course of their marriages. They were determined to continue with that commitment. It was because they were committed and everything that they did, they did unto the commitment.

[00:09:24] And so you'd see that they would have a tenacity to fight through some of the hardships that they were facing.

[00:11:04] Part of living with victory in mind means that as we make decisions, we make a determination to stay the course. To be tenacious. To see the fruition of this decision made. Because it's often in the refining of time, the passage of time that we discover the priceless worth of that decision we decided to make way back when.

[00:12:38] Today's episode is a charge. A charge to remind us all about being tenacious, once we make that decision, whatever the decision may be. To stay the course till the very end.

[00:13:29] Key pillars to being tenacious. Discovering willpower to succeed. That you would chew on these charges. Marinate on them. And then, stand up and do you!

[00:14:08] Courage

[00:14:32] Mettle

[00:15:02] Spirit

[00:15:35] Resolution

[00:16:07] And when it feels like you can't take one step further, when it's another door slammed in your face, another let down. Another beat down. Another something. Get up! Get up! You can do it!

Your life and what you believe you were created to be and to do is not a mistake. You are not a mistake.  

[00:16:32] Don't quit. You have come this far.

[00:16:57] Reflection question repeated.

[00:17:26] Conclusion and thanks. Do you have a question, comment for the show? Feel free to send me an email via the show notes contact form.

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