Victory in Mind
Victory in Mind
Aug 11, 2021
Now is the time... ain't got time for never! | Ep 22
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Episode Summary

For real, it doesn’t just happen in space or sci-fi movies… we too are about to go boldly where we have never been before. 

Today's podcast reminds us to allow ourselves to fuel our mindset in recognizing that passage of time provides us with opportunities to discover ourselves anew, by exploring who we are, what we have to offer as we live out our created potential.

Now is the time. No regrets.


[00:00:00] Show trailer

 [00:00:17] Intro music and voice over narration for the show

[00:00:51] Introduction to the show’s main topic in being able to see a difference between season of time we are in versus being in our prime or past our prime.

[00:01:29] What does adjusting our mindset look like in recognizing there is yet another new chapter to be discovered in our lives?

[00:02:28] Can we be okay of letting go of past glory?

[00:03:15] Wasted energy = wasted opportunity.

[00:04:00] Yes in life plans will change

[00:04:41] The battle is in being relevant to yourself and carving out that new path

[00:06:00] You alone, give strength, give power to the voice that highlights the painting of your life, how you frame the season of life you are walking through at this very moment in time.

[00:06:40] Conclusion. Guys that wraps it up for today's episode. I really appreciate the time that you've taken to spend with me today. Thank you for listening to Victory in Mind Podcast. I have a question for you. Have you taken a minute to subscribe to the show so that you never miss an episode to get your own personal motivation, activation, encouragement, and inspiration as you live and walk with victory in mind?

If you haven't subscribed already, please go ahead and make sure you do that today. You can do it at our website, And while you're at it, if you love today's episode, please share it with a friend. I would really appreciate this because as you rate review and subscribe to this podcast, we can become discoverable to more listeners. Remember, you can go to our website, for show notes, as well as links to download and subscribe.

Thanks for staying tuned to Victory in Mind. We appreciate you. I'm your host, Waceke Wambaa  thanking you for joining me on our podcast today. Remember you have a future. You have a hope.

[00:07:47]  Outro music and voice over narration for the show


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