Verbal Diorama
Verbal Diorama
Mar 25, 2021
The Long Kiss Goodnight
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Why don't we appreciate Samantha Caine and Charly Baltimore the same way we appreciate Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley?

Why do we choose Die Hard at Christmas instead of The Long Kiss Goodnight?

What is explosions, if not Renny Harlin persevering?

I have so many questions about why we, as a movie-going public, don't appreciate The Long Kiss Goodnight enough. Geena Davis is an absolute standout, playing two complex, interesting protagonists with different personalities and skillsets. Samuel L Jackson's wardrobe is the sharpest it's ever looked, and the chemistry between Davis and Jackson is top notch.

It's a damn fine Shane Black script, with all the wit and humour you'd expect and a damn fine Renny Harlin action movie, with all the high octane explosions and lack of physics you'd expect.

It's the best action movie you've probably never seen, but you should.

The British Medical Journals referenced in the episode:

Memories aren't made of this: amnesia at the movies by Sallie Baxendale

The butler(s) DID it - dissociative identity disorder in cinema by Peter Byrne

I would love to hear your thoughts on The Long Kiss Goodnight!



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