Quintana Roo, Swimming with Whale Sharks
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Quintana Roo, Swimming with Whale Sharks. Lori Gold, Riviera Maya expert shares her insights from first hand encounters.

M: Today we are going to stay in the region of Quintana Roo as we were also in for our last episode. To give us some geographical orientation I want you to picture Mexico as a mermaid's tale. She is doing a little swish to the right. Quintana Roo is at the upper part of the mermaid's right most flipper. The Isle of Mujeres is just off the east coast of that. How do you like my description Lori?

L: Totally accurate 😉

M: This is another adventure by water and imagining today's topic I just feel really small. So, can you please introduce today's topic and who the ideal traveler is for this activity.

L: Swimming with Whale Sharks and it's for all nature lovers!

M: So I imagine you swimming in gorgeous clear waters and then beast of tremendous scale surrounding you on all sides. What is the experience really like?

L: The water is dark and it makes you feel very small.

M: Did you have any introspective moments during or after your swim? Did you gain any life perspective your would like to share?

L:  It really makes you feel small. You have a great respect for nature and your place in it.

M: Any tips, warnings or guidance travelers need to know before committing to this daring swim?

L: They don't want you to wear sunscreen so that the animals are not exposed to it. Wear a rash guard if you can. Most tours will also feed you after and the setting will be in gorgeous placid water. Its a wonderful ending.

M: Is there any sort of eco, educational or conservation component to this trip?

L: Not that I am aware of but the guides and locals and invested in their country. For example they will teach you about the sunscreen, what they eat, etc.

M: What are we missing? This is your time to share anything I've missed!

L: For anyone that wants to visit the Riviera Maya I am happy to help you plan your trip and answer questions.

M: Thank you for being my guest once again. Let's plan another recording sooner than later!

L: Right oh!

M: Bye everyone and thank you for listening!

L: Byeeee!

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