Feeding the Soul: Darling Culinary's Founder, Rosalyn Darling on Culinary Compassion
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In this episode of the Titans of Foodservice podcast, host Nick Portillo speaks to Rosalyn Darling, a culinary innovator and entrepreneur, who shares her journey from marketing to the food service industry. She discusses her passion for food and how she developed her unique mindset of culinary compassion. Rosalyn emphasizes the importance of empathy and understanding in creating meaningful culinary experiences. She also talks about her work in recipe development, new product formulation, and teaching at the Culinary Institute of America. 


  • “When you tap into other creatives that are outside of your industry, you can take pieces of that and bring it with you.” -Rosalyn Darling [11:44]
  • “People eat their foods and eat their feelings. Drink their feelings, and that changes from country to know what one dish that's made in India to celebrate those ingredients and those cooking techniques that symbolize celebration in India might be different for Italy, might be different for Japan.” -Rosalyn Darling [20:49]


02:22 Rosalind's journey into the food service industry

08:21 Skills needed for culinary innovation 

14:09 The three must-haves for successful product development 

17:41 Culinary compassion: Designing foods that tap into human emotion 

27:34 Bridging the gap from CPG to food service by showing culinary versatility

29:32 Packaging challenges in the food service industry 

35:17 Supportive network and the importance of client fit 

39:25 Legacy of compassion and helping others in the industry 


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Nick: nick.portillo@portillosales.com

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