Plating Success: Sales Training Expert, Chris Jennings on Sales Mastery in Foodservice
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In this episode of the Titans of Foodservice podcast, host Nick Portillo speaks with Chris Jennings, a sales training expert with over 30 years of experience. Chris believes in creating better conversations and win-win relationships. Chris talks about the importance of being authentic and relatable when talking to customers and encourages salespeople to ask for referrals and introductions, as they can significantly contribute to business growth. Chris shares why salespeople should focus on asking the right questions and understanding the customer's needs. Chris also discusses his book, "Conversations Made Easy," and provides practical tips and strategies for improving sales conversations and achieving better results.


  • "I'm huge on referrals. If you're not asking your customers for a referral or introduction, at least 80% of the time, you're selling yourself short and you're not getting introduced to other people." -Chris Jennings [13:35]

  • “What happens a lot in our industry is we're making a presentation to a distributor salesforce, and maybe at any time, you're talking to 20 people, and there's anxiety and fear around public speaking.” -Nick Portillo [16:22]


[00:39] Introduction to guest Chris Jennings 

[02:22] Fiery Five Food Service Questions 

[09:44] Tips for opening up conversations and creating referrals 

[13:27] Importance of asking for referrals and introductions 

[16:14] Overcoming anxiety and fear in public speaking 

[23:57] Reasons for low conversion rates: rushing, wrong questions, missing stakeholders 

[23:57] The three reasons conversations fail: rushing, wrong questions, missing person 

[24:29] How to ask better questions: care, go beyond product 

[28:06] Overview of the book "Conversations Made Easy" 

[32:01] Success doesn't mean working yourself to the bone


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