The Podcast Space
The Podcast Space
Jun 21, 2023
23: Transform Your Podcast Strategy with Marketing Psychology Insights from Melina Palmer
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Do you want to level up your podcasting game?

Are you interested in understanding user behavior to achieve a new level of success in your podcast?

If the answer is yes, then you must listen to this episode featuring Melina Palmer, CEO of the Brainy Business and host of the Brainy Business podcast. Her expertise in applied behavioral economics will transform the way you approach your content creation and marketing strategies!

Applying behavior economics to find your podcast’s blind spots

In this podcast episode, we explore the fascinating world of user behavior and how to apply it to fast-track your podcast success. We discuss how to find your tribe, create a voice that resonates with your audience, and leverage your podcast to achieve your unique vision of success. Additionally, we dive into the importance of understanding what success means to you, avoiding getting caught up in vanity metrics, and focusing on what comes next in your podcasting journey.

Melina shares how she set the podcast to not only educate, but to lead amazing projects and big-name brands to work with her, and also teaching a certificate program in applied behavioral economics at Texas A&M, and even landing a book deal. She emphasizes the value of kindness and respect in the industry and describes how podcasting can be an act of self-care.

My favorite part of the interview is to hear Melina talk about how she found her ‘blue ocean’ strategy in her industry, and how her work is now featured in Inc. Magazine, all thanks to her dedication and hard work on her weekly podcast.

Why User Behavior Matters

Melina emphasizes the importance of considering user behavior when creating content: understanding the psychology behind why people buy, helps you can leverage your podcast to achieve the success you’re looking for. Avoid comparing yourself to others, and remember that it's not necessary to be on all social media channels all the time to reach success.

Success in Niche Podcasting

Melina explains how her background in marketing and brand strategy helped her create her podcast and find success. Understand what success means to you when it comes to podcasting and focus on building relationships that can lead to future opportunities. Remember that vanity metrics such as thousands of downloads don't mean much when you don’t have clarity on what you want listeners to do next.

Podcasting, Psychology, and Being Kind

Melina shares inspirational stories of collaborating with extremely talented people, how teaching a certificate program in applied behavioral economics at Texas A&M came through a loyal listener that she engaged with after doing a regular shout out on her show. She emphasizes the importance of being kind (like Betty White) and respectful to people in the industry and the rewards it can bring. Podcasting can be an act of self-care, and if you love what you do, you become magnetic.

Maximizing Podcast Content Value

Learn how to leverage content to create a successful podcast, and be open about the work you do - mention it multiple times to attract potential clients. Additionally, consider creating episodes that listeners can refer to when they need help or advice, as you’ll be saving yourself time in future conversations.

Takeaways from this episode:

  • By focusing on creating value-first content, you’re signaling to your listeners that you’re the right person to do the work.
  • Never underestimate how being the first disruptor in your industry can give you a competitive advantage in your industry for years to come.
  • Having a podcast is still considered a higher value medium compared to writing articles or blogs - you can still impress your peers and potential listeners.
  • Remember to create a net of past episodes, a refer to them often - you’ll build a catalog of content that’s going to grow in downloads as you keep publishing episodes!

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