16: Optimizing Your Online Presence: 6 Must-Have Elements for Podcasters
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There’s no doubt that podcasting is an influential tool for online communication for small businesses and professionals.

But standing out in the sea of podcasting takes dedication, focus, and passion for the medium - three elements that not everyone’s willing to commit to in the long run.

Whether you’re just starting in the industry, or you’re willing to go from amateur, to professional, there are 6 elements that you MUST have in order to be taken seriously as a podcaster in the online space.

A website (that you own) is a must-have

As you start your podcast (or get busy with the weekly publishing schedule), you may start believing that you don’t need a website: in fact, don’t listeners just subscribe to it on podcast platforms? The answer is no- you still do need a website.

A website is the first, and perhaps the most important element if you’re wanting to go pro in the podcast world. Can you remember the last time you googled someone and you couldn’t find their website? The first thought you probably had was, ‘Do they even exist? Can I really trust them?’. That same principle applies to podcasting, too.

In a previous article, I’ve broken down podcast websites’ must-haves.

To optimize your online presence, your website should have a landing page with an About section, a podcast player, and a space for audience feedback. Additionally, having a podcast tab on your website is essential because it helps potential listeners find your podcast easily. Podcast listeners are more likely to buy and trust the person who is speaking, so having a podcast tab on your website is an effective way to showcase your podcast to people who found you via Google, and increase your audience.

Also covered in this episode:

  • Why is having a website crucial for podcasters?
  • How can podcasters protect their digital footprint, given the industry's volatility?
  • Why your social media needs an audit
  • How a professional bio can get you further along
  • The type of headshots you need in your episode
  • Why a booking link is fundamental to an effortless experience

Takeaways from the episode:

  • Owning your domain name is essential for podcasters, ensuring you are in control of your digital footprint.
  • A landing page with an About section, a podcast player, and a space for audience feedback can optimize your online presence without overwhelming you.
  • A podcast tab on your website helps potential listeners find your podcast easily and can increase your audience.
  • Wix is an excellent option for those who are not tech-savvy, as it has great designs and layouts.
  • A bio document is fundamental to be taken seriously: make sure that you include a high-resolution headshot (not a selfie!), and the topics you’re an expert in.

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