The Podcast Space
The Podcast Space
Sep 20, 2023
36. Podcast Strategy in Action: It isn't what you think! Lori's Success Story
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If you always wondered what working with a (fun!) podcast strategist looked like, this episode’s for you!

A successful podcast has the power to create strong, authentic connections, foster partnerships, and empower businesses. In this episode, we dive deep into the incredible journey of Lori Williams, a senior living consultant who leveraged the power of podcasting to transform her business and create a lasting impact on her community.

Meet Lori Williams

Lori is a dynamic, passionate, and positive senior living consultant who stepped into the podcasting world with her show, "Aging and Style with Lori Williams". Lori and I have worked together since 2020 to get her dream of educating her community, and to help her stand out from the sea of competitors with a show that felt authentic to her. Through our 3 years of working together, she’s helped hundreds of families navigate the maze of aging and finding the right care for their senior loved ones. What started as an educational show, opened doors to numerous opportunities, including writing a book, getting a partnership with one of her dream organizations, but also connect with her audience on a deeper level.

Navigating Personal Challenges

In December 2022, Lori faced a major personal challenge - her husband suffered a series of strokes. She was thrust into the role of a caregiver while simultaneously managing her business and podcast. Despite the adversities, Lori demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability, continuing to deliver insightful and engaging content to her audience.

More than just creating engaging content, Lori used her podcast as a powerful tool for her business growth. Her distinctive voice and insightful episodes have not only won her recognition in her community but have also allowed her to connect with hundreds of clients.

The Role of a Podcast Content Strategist

As Lori's podcast content strategist, I had the privilege of charting this unique podcasting journey with her. Together, we identified her goals, defined her content strategy, and pivoted as necessary to ensure the success of her podcast.

By examining her download numbers and feedback from her audience, we could make informed decisions about future topics and strategies. We also discussed how to repurpose her podcast content across multiple platforms, allowing Lori to be consistently visible online, even during her busiest times.

One of the significant turning points was when we decided to shift focus towards personal experience sharing. This resulted in genuine connections with her listeners and contributed significantly to her podcast growth and impact during her husband’s stroke recovery.

This episode really showcases the different ways you can work with a podcast content strategist that can help you understand the best way to move forward - that doesn’t include stopping the podcast in the face of adversity!

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