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The Dirt
Sep 19, 2023
86. Overcoming Betrayal & Financial Setbacks: Sarah Jenkins' Resilient Path to Success
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Sarah Jenkins runs several software and real estate companies, including Genesis Digital. Homeschooled as a kid and an entrepreneur since she was 15, Sarah epitomizes the I-can-figure-out-pretty-much-anything approach. 

Join Jim and Sarah on this roller coaster of a conversation as they connect the dots between business success and personal challenges, such as Sarah escaping a cult, bouncing back after a partner stole from her business, and dealing with family trauma. 

3 Key Takeaways

  • Compartmentalization for Work-Life Balance: Learn to compartmentalize your role and responsibilities, both in professional and personal life. This strategy helps maintain a balance, ensures you can provide adequate support for your partners (both business and personal), and can be particularly beneficial when working with family, especially a spouse. This approach has helped Sarah to focus on different roles without them conflicting with each other, reducing stress and improving productivity.
  • Innovation Starts with Listening: And who better to guide your company's future than your loyal customers? Sarah regularly asks her audience, “What should we do next?” And her audience tells her what they need. Remember, you don’t have to figure everything out on my own.
  • Digital Detox. Going Analog: Invest at least an hour every week with your computer and phone off, and embrace the timeless practice of jotting down ideas with pen and paper. Disconnecting from the constant digital chatter allows for uninterrupted, deep thinking and fosters creativity. 


Connect with Sarah Jenkins on LinkedIn: 

Learn about Sarah’s company, Genesis Digital: 

Learn about Genesis Digital’s all-in-one sales and marketing solution, Karta: 

Listen to Sarah’s Paid To Create podcast: 

About Our Guest 

Sarah Jenkins, a Michigan born homeschooled mom of five, boasts over a decade of experience in a variety of business niches, including the fitness industry, information products, and software as a service. Emerging in her early twenties with a #1 health website, she’s now considered a leader in self-funded business growth. 

As Genesis Digital’s co-founder, CEO, and leading beacon, she is directly involved with the daily operations, finance, and management of 160 remote staff. Genesis Digital owns and manages Kartra, an all-in-one sales, marketing, and ecommerce solution that runs 100's of millions of dollars in sales for tens of thousands of clients since Sarah took over Genesis Digital after the passing of her husband Andy Jenkins. 

Sarah is also co-host of the Paid To Create podcast.

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