How to create a time management plan
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Have you been thinking about time management and how you block out work time?

Are you blocking out your week, month, quarter, year?

One of the most important things when planning is creating a time management plan. A time management plan helps you avoid procrastination and make the hours you have count. It can alleviate pressure and let you enjoy your downtime because you know you have put in the hours needed to get your tasks done. 

Having a plan ensures you get things done more quickly and can allow you to spread your tasks out accordingly. 

Create a plan that is unique to you. 

Think about the following:


Be realistic with your planning. Listen to your internal clock for when you best complete tasks. Suppose you are not a morning person or night person, don't schedule out work time during that time frame. 


Set time limits: with tasks you like and dislike. Sometimes tasks we like can keep us procrastinating from tasks we don't like.  


Avoid distractions. Plan ahead on how you will deal with distractions.


Differentiate important tasks from none important tasks. Make it a habit to plan to do more important tasks first. This will make you feel accomplished, and it gives you the motivation to get more done. 


Both calendars and lists can work together but find what works for you. with technology, make sure to set reminders for tasks. 


Eliminate the need for urgency in your life. Train your clients or staff to give you enough time to get things done, set family time and time to recharge into your calendar as well. 


Create a daily action plan. Pick three things to do that will work you toward a future plan or goal. 

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