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What Is Introversion?

This is the tendency of turning

inward more. Introverts spend most of their time analyzing what happening o

them and around them. They are more in touch with their feeling and the

feelings of others. They take time to energize and recharge in their lives.

They also need people in their lives unlike what most people think. It is only

that it is different for them. They just need a balance.

Journey into learning oneself

Most introverts at an early age,

think something is wrong with them. They tend to be extroverts only because it

does not work for them.  There is this

one point that people forget, Introverts Think then speak while extroverts

speak to think. Understanding this will make you understand more about these

two people. Introverts will tend not to note their surrounding as most of the

time they are in their heads.

Their behaviors come to them

naturally. Most books that are out there, there were written for extroverts

rather than introverts. It's not true to think that introverts generally want

to be alone.  They just do not like

excessive exposure to many people. They like a controlled environment.

Time Management

Introverts need to have order in

their lives. The best thing that they do is have a calendar and plan about what

they will be doing. This is unlike most extroverts who just wing it. The

calendar happens to bring order into most introverts' worlds in the corporate


Misconception about podcasting

Most people tend to think that

podcasts are just for introverts. This is far from the truth. Podcasting is for

almost everybody.

Scary Things for an introverts

Putting yourself out there is the

hardest thing for most introverts. Introverts need to be understood more in

society. A study has shown that the number of introverts is 50% of any

population but for some reason, the actual number is shown to be lower. This

recent study just shows that introverts need to be heard more.


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