Special Guest - Demi Ramos - From 0 to 100 with the right attitude
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In today’s episode, Jay interviews Demi Ramos; model, artist, and co-host of the podcast “It’s Real” with Jordan & Demi. Demi shares with us a few anecdotes about living in NYC and we dive into her music inspirations and aspirations. 

Key Points: 

  • Demi admits to having an awkward phase while Jay reassures that it's necessary as an artist
  • Authenticity cultivates an organic fanbase
  • Demi walks us through her modeling career
  • Being an artist and hustling is difficult in the digital age, going digital,
  • Jay defines the meaning of struggle and how it builds resilience and empathy
  • Jay and Demi discuss cognitive bias

Episode Highlights:

[01:30] Jay brings up one of Demi’s earliest music demos, Brooklyn Love. To which he compares it to a Smiths sound. 

[04:27] Demi and Jay discuss the awkward phase experienced in youth

[06:30] Jay reveals his love affair with music, how he hears tones and melodies in music but not the lyrics. Asks the question, what does music invoke? Why do you feel it?

[10:14] Demi shares a solo project she had been working on through the pandemic.

[12:40] Demi walks us through her modeling career starting from age 18 and how it impeded on her music aspirations.

[15:38] Demi shares her story of almost getting kidnapped by getting lured into a hotel room. 

[21:51] Demi gives us a behind the scenes on her “City Tings” Instagram story on the infamous bottle rocket butthole guy 

[24:50] Demi uncovers where she feels her music comes from 

[27:39] Demi and Jay conflict on social media and becoming a slave it while also wanting to remain your authentic self. 

[29:19] Jay references the life of Mike Barker; how he started life with the goal of becoming a guidance counselor and after years of working in Hollywood still ended up in that role 

[31:17] Jay and Demi speak about ongoing digital and the rise of digital art 

[32:45] Demi reveals who her favorite podcast guest is 

[34:47] Jay dives deep on the concept of struggle; what is it and how it builds resilience and empathy 

[40:40] Jay admits to having a cognitive bias when a friend broke his front tooth

[42:04] Jay and Demi reflect on how we let the mind play tricks on us and how so often we allow worrying about the future to consume us. 

[45:16] Demi shares her Hispanic heritage and the importance of involving yourself in the culture

Tweetable Quotes: 

  • "You can go from 0 to 100 with the right attitude"  - Demi
  • "I treat everybody like they're the most important person in the room" - Demi
  • I believe that people's love of music comes from the whom" - Demi

Instagram | @demi_ramos

Instagram | @popdust  Popdust 

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