The Should Life
Jessica Leigh Laib
Welcome to The Should Life podcast with your host Jessica Leigh Laib. Jessica is a recovering people-pleasing perfectionist turned Alignment Witch, certified in Inner Voice facilitation. She empowers high-achieving women to harness the power of their Intuition, unapologetically feel their feelings, & live a soul-aligned life. In this season, we’re going to be diving into what SHOULD’s may be dominating your life and how to access your Inner Voice to find freedom, know your worth & live in alignment. It’s time to acknowledge that the ways you’ve been taught you SHOULD live are complete bullshit, and reclaim what’s rightfully yours. Because YOU, my friend, are here for so much more than your mind can even comprehend. Expect to hear about the mind, the Inner Voice, Emotional Somatic Release, & so much more - all with a side of swearing & storytelling. Once you learn how to activate your Intuition & live in alignment with your Truth, there are no limits to what you can achieve. You’ll witness your career, your relationships, your health, your boundaries & your life become fuller, juicier & more balanced. Join me in saying FUCK YOU to the SHOULD’s. Let’s get into it.
The Should Life
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