Dec 2, 2020
RE -Steve Noss
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In this episode we speak to a firm of 170 year old accountants - but don’t turn off its not what you think.

Today’s special guest is Steve Noss head of Creative (although Tim keeps calling him Creative Director - sorry Steve) at Cooper Parry on the relationship between ‘band and culture’ 

Tim starts by saying he’s a fan of the brand and Cooper Parry is a company he has used in many workshops and talks when talking about differentiation, distinctiveness and positioning but since attending CP’s ‘culture carnival’ he has become a real brand advocate.

We unpack that more in this episode including covering.

  • How Cooper Parry design there culture 
  • How culture is not just a vision and you have to make it real
  • How the CP values are made real through the behaviours of the team

We also bring up the experience equation as coined by Adam Ferrier of Thinkerbell of BX B4 EX B4 CX or brand experience, before employee experience before customer experience which Steve Noss had his own alternative of …

  • How we look 
  • How we sound
  • How we roll

Steve Noss went on to say about the importance of language in brand and culture of Cooper Parry and when asked by our own Steve ‘ What is the piece of creative your most proud of ‘ the reply was ‘our internal comms’ an answer that blew both of us away and proved the point of language and culture being inextricably linked.

 If your still unconvinced to listen to this episode I shall leave you with the creative brief Steve Noss behind his work at Cooper Parry “Make sure we come across cool as f**k”

The RE of Marketing podcast is where we Rethink, Reframe and Remark on all things marketing and branding. This is season two the interviews where Tim Elliott & Steven Rick have good conversations with some great people from the marketing, brand and business space.

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