Oct 9, 2020
RE - Responsibility
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Welcome to The RE of Marketing Podcast, a podcast where we Re-Think, Re-Play, Remark on all good things to do with branding and marketing. We are your hosts Tim Elliot and Steven Rick

In this episode we talk about responsibility and what we and brands are actually responsible for!

Every company is responsible for their customer’s experience and their brand’s experience. Companies are also responsible for social causes.

Key points:

  1. Research and Innovation continues to evolve. A pasta straw is better than plastic but a paper straw is better than pasta. The important part here is not which one is better but the main focus should be the intent. If a company intends to take the steps to a better future and do good then we can be sure that it will eventually choose the best product in the long run. Bad Intent is easy to spot by customers.
  2. A business can start without a purpose. Purpose becomes important when the business is powerful enough to make significant changes to the lives of many people.
  3. Tell the story to your customers through customer experiences, how you position your brand and your processes. This aura is transmitted through motivated employees who are on the same mission as you.
  4. Companies some times make huge promises and then they underdeliver
  5. Companies can lead by example start. Mahatma Gandhi always believed that if I can’t do something myself then I can’t tell the world to do it. So start with your employees first they will teach more people and a pyramid effect will follow.



01:00 - Intro

02:00 - Responsible about what?

06:00 - Sustainability

07:30 - Good intention shows.

12:30 - Purpose

17:00 - Communication is the key

20:30 - The Thumbs up flattery

24:00 - Who needs to hear your story first?

30:00 - How do you deliver value?

35:00 - Pyramid Scheme for improving the world

39:00 - Good and bad brands

Michelin and Vans

Microsoft AI

Adidas - Recycling Plastics - Parle collection 

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