Oct 2, 2020
RE - Research
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Welcome to The RE of Marketing Podcast, a podcast where we Re-Think, Re-Play, Remark on all good things to do with branding and marketing. With Tim Elliot and Steven Rick

In this episode, we are rethinking the word research and we did our research to understand how not doing research in marketing can lead to failed campaigns and disasters. We talk about how to do proper research so that we don’t just go into analysis paralysis mode but do actual research that can give us meaningful results

Key points :

  1. Research and marketing - hand in hand just like designing and R&D. It is important to use the right techniques to market and research to help.
  2. Applying ideas and failing can also be a part of research. Some firms build up their plans for 60-90 days and then test but testing them while building can help to yield a better product.
  3. Doing the right research of marketing can help you give a lot of information about your customer, how you can sell more, what kind of people to sell to.
  4. Questioning continuously can create problems too, it can lead to analysis paralysis that can lead to a spiral of other irrelevant questions that can make the campaign more complex. Questions should be asked but in a controlled loop.
  5. Many people don’t do any research at all they go with "experience" and when the times can be uncertain it can create uncertain results.
  6. Having a number of clients and analysing them can help to nail the marketing research.


Quote :


"Effective marketing starts back Stage".


Time Stamps:

01:00- Introduction

02:15 - Redefining Research

05:00 -Understanding research

09:00 - Marketing and Product development

13:15 - How research should work. 

15:39 - Inside Out Research

19:00- Studying your cx Patterns as Research

20:30 - Head Of Future

23:00 - Diagnosis and research

28:00 - The hype Cycle

35:00 - Marketing is the Top

38:00 - Why should we do research?

40:00- Examples of good Research companies

Relevant Links: - Tim Elliot - case studies

Service design blueprint -

The Gartner Research - Hype Cycle -

A More Beautiful Question - By Warren Berger

Youtube Link - The effective awards -Mark Ritson on the effectiveness of Tide's 2018 Super Bowl ad

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