3 Commandments Of Email Marketing
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Because there's nothing more self-aggrandising than calling them Commandments...

Over the years, we’ve found LOTS of things that you should (or shouldn’t) do that can make a significant difference to how your email marketing performs.  Today we thought we'd share three of them with you.

Want to know what they are? 

Lucky for you, it’s what this episode is all about. 

3 Commandments Of Email Marketing

Episode Content

  • (02:20) The First Commandment is so unbelievably simple, yet many people don’t do this, causing Kennedy to regularly fly into a fit of white-haired rage.
  • (06:14) We’ve only recently started to use The Second Commandment across all of our emails ourselves but we love it so much, we want everyone to start using this (if you aren’t already).
  • (06:52) Are you holding your audience hostage? We'll explain.
  • (09:29) Why you should stop asking yourself this question and start asking yourself these instead, with The Third Commandment.
  • (12:14) Let’s get more specific with the last Commandment.
  • (14:39) How fast can NASA get people to the moon and how on earth (see what we did there?) does this relate to email marketing?
  • (15:53) Can your email marketing performance ever be “mind over matter”?   
  • (18:10) Which of the Three Commandments are you going to implement first? 
  • (18:56) Remember when your mam and dad would tell you off? This is what this week’s subject line of the week reminds us of! 

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