Preventing Plastic Pollution, Companies Upcycling Ocean-Bound Plastics & Supporting Informal Waste Workers in Developing Countries with NextWave's Kendall Glauber
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Kendall Glauber from Lonely Whale and the NextWave Plastics Consortium went from summers in Southern California to the non-profit world, keeping plastic waste from entering the ocean. In this episode, we learn how her efforts through Lonely Whale are helping to drive recycling systems change and how NextWave’s member companies are using ocean-bound plastics to create new goods. We discover the impact of ocean-bound plastics and explore how informal workers in developing countries are a critical part of the system, and why waste is being mismanaged. And learn how multinational corporations and small businesses can help prevent plastics from polluting our oceans and how the circular economy supports social change. 

If you want to learn more about Nextwave, the member companies and how they are making waves by choosing ocean-bound plastics visit You can follow along with Nextwave on their mission to keep plastic in the economy and out of the ocean on Twitter at nxtwaveplastics. Want to support Lonely Whale as a business? 1% for the planet members, you can find them listed as a non-profit, and they are always looking for new brands to join NextWave’s consortium.

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