Revolutionary Technology of the Future — Mark Mills
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A better tomorrow relies on the technology we create today … And physicist Mark P. Mills believes innovations like the cloud will lead us into an economic boom. In this episode, he sits down with host Charles Mizrahi to discuss what conventional wisdom gets wrong about technology, where the semiconductor industry is headed, and how electric vehicles aren’t as clean as we think.

Topics Discussed:

  • An Introduction to Mark P. Mills (00:00:00)
  • What Conventional Wisdom Gets Wrong (00:01:29)
  • Revolutionary Technology (00:4:01)
  • The Semiconductor Industry (00:10:19)
  • Electric Vehicles (00:13:04)
  • Clean Energy Isn’t Clean (00:20:08)
  • The Future of Electric Vehicles (00:28:54)
  • Incentives and Inflation (00:36:12)
  • The 20-20-20 Rule of New Technology (00:43:16)
  • The Manufacturing Sector (00:50:12)
  • Innovation in America (00:56:52)

Guest Bio:

Mark P. Mills is a physicist, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, and a partner in energy tech venture fund Montrose Lane. He has written several award-winning books, including his latest (below) on new technologies. Mills’ writing has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and USA Today.

In 2016, he was named “Energy Writer of the Year” by the American Energy Society. He also served in the White House Science Office under President Reagan, co-founded Digital Power Capital, and was chairman and CTO of ICx Technologies.

Resources Mentioned:

· The Cloud Revolution: How the Convergence of New Technologies Will Unleash the Next Economic Boom and A Roaring 2020s


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