How Much Privacy Do You Have From Big Tech? — Jane S. Hoffman
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Big tech is watching you.

In fact, companies such as Google have more than 2,000 pieces of data on you.

Each time you search for something, Google learns a bit more about you.

Big tech then uses that data … our privacy and sells it to make money.

And your cut is ZERO.

Jane Hoffman — author of Your Data, Their Billions: Unraveling and Simplifying Big Tech — and I discussed how much privacy do we really have.

I didn’t agree with everything she said (you’ll quickly hear why) but the questions she brings up are spot on.

Topics Discussed:

  • An Introduction to Jane Hoffman (00:00:00)
  • Why Google Works (00:04:01)
  • Big Tech’s 2,000 Pieces of Data on You (00:06:32)
  • Dividend for Your Data (00:20:09)
  • Is It Possible to Scrub Your Online Footprint? (00:31:25)
  • Roadmap for Looking at Technology in the Future (00:28:49)

Guest Bio:

Jane Hoffman is s an American public policy expert and author on consumer affairs and the environment, and, most recently, on big tech companies and private data. She has served many roles in government and civics, including at the United Nations and New York City and state governments.

Resources Mentioned:

Your Data, Their Billions: Unraveling and Simplifying Big Tech


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