The Ticket to Financial Freedom — Alexander Green [Previously Aired]
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Anyone can invest these days … but you have to have a strong stomach. Alex Green has dedicated 35 years to helping people weather financial storms, make sound investment choices and live out their dreams. Green joins host Charles Mizrahi to discuss his investing strategy, the value of cryptocurrencies, and the importance of following others’ advice on the way to financial freedom.

Topics Discussed:

  • An Introduction to Alex Green (00:00:00)
  • The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio (00:01:45)
  • Liberty Through Wealth (00:05:04)
  • Word to the Wise (00:09:38)
  • Winning the Parental Lottery (00:11:51)
  • Young Capitalists (00:18:26)
  • The Value of Cryptocurrencies (00:21:36)
  • The Average Investor (00:32:34)
  • Following Others’ Advice (00:41:23)
  • Our Biggest Bounce-Backs (00:50:05)
  • The Essence of Alex’s Strategy (00:54:43)

Guest Bio:

Alex Green has spent the majority of his career guiding Main Street Americans toward financial independence. After working on Wall Street for 16 years, he branched out into financial publishing. Today, he is the chief investment strategist for The Oxford Club. Green’s financial newsletters have garnered over 600,000 subscribers and showcase his ceaseless passion for figuring out the challenges of the market.

In addition, Green recently released the revised and expanded second edition of his New York Times best seller: The Gone Fishin' Portfolio: Get Wise, Get Wealthy...and Get on With Your Life.

Resources Mentioned:

·      The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio: Get Wise, Get Wealthy…and Get on With Your Life

·      The Oxford Communiqué

·      Liberty Through Wealth




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