Father of the Nuclear Navy — Marc Wortman
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His development of nuclear submarines changed the course of the Cold War … Yet Admiral Hyman Rickover — the “Father of the Nuclear Navy” — is largely unknown. Historian Marc Wortman joins host Charles Mizrahi to discuss how this unconventional engineer revolutionized U.S. naval power and the role this nuclear technology still plays today.

Topics Discussed:

  • An Introduction to Marc Wortman (00:00:00)
  • Father of the Nuclear Navy (00:02:16)
  • Submarine Warfare Before Nuclear Energy (00:6:36)
  • Rickover’s Revolutionary Idea (00:15:23)
  • Sputnik and the Cold War (00:27:31)
  • Rickover’s Influence (00:32:25)
  • Nuclear Warfare (00:43:39)

Guest Bio:

Marc Wortman is a historian, award-winning journalist and author. His work is featured in Vanity Fair, Smithsonian and Time. And he’s appeared on CNN, NPR and the History Channel. Wortman is also the recipient of several writing prizes. His books have been named in The Daily Beast’s “Best Long Reads” and in The Wall Street Journal’s “Books of the Month.” His latest book (below) profiles the “Father of the Nuclear Navy.”

Resources Mentioned:

· Admiral Hyman Rickover: Engineer of Power



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