The Bible Breakthrough
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The Bible Breakthrough Podcast breaks down the Bible from BC to AD. In chronological order, we introduce historical context as we journey together from the beginning to the end. Get ready to experience the Bible in a new and fresh way, bringing understanding and revelation like never before, and discovering easy and practical ways to walk out the Bible in your day-to-day. Have you ever opened your Bible and asked yourself? • Where should I even start? • What does this passage mean? • How does this apply to my life? • What does this have to do with today? • Why can’t I understand what He is saying to me through His Word? What do you do? Couple that with the pressures of daily life, and you, like many Christians, stop reading it altogether. What is the outcome? Spiritual starvation! We are wired to hunger and thirst for this Word, and when we don’t read the Bible regularly, we begin starving to death spiritually. If that is you, you are in the right place! The Bible is a collection of 66 books laid out in “Canonical order,” which means the order in the books is typically arranged. It does not represent the order in which the events of the Bible unfolded, and therefore, for many people, it is just plain confusing. The Bible Breakthrough will show you how to consume the Word like eating a meal. The Bible reveals ten eras of history, and we have created episodes for each era. We serve scripture to you in small bites that you can swallow and digest to satisfy the spiritual hunger you crave.
The Bible Breakthrough
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