You and Me, Me and You - How The Antiques Diva Helps You | Season 2 Ep 10
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In this episode of the Business of Antiques, CEO Toma Clark Haines not only debuts her singing career (spoiler alert: she sings off key), but she also talks about how her business – The Antiques Diva & Co – can help you. Toma explains why you should book a FREE 1 HOUR Business Consultation to discuss your antiques shop and explains in detail what happens in that free session. She also explains what she wants to get out of that phone call. 

 She answers frequently asked questions about her services at The Antiques Diva & Co and explains what The Republic of Toma is. 

The Republic of Toma is her personal diary she shares where she talks about life, love, and other mysteries – think Eat Pray Love (yourself) meets Elle Decor plus a dash of Goop and pinch of Entrepreneur. The Republic of Toma is technically the parent company of The Antiques Diva & Co, and it’s mostly a placeholder for all those future projects she’s working on – from her lighting collection to her fabric collection to the memoir she's writing. And it’s her website for her business consulting for collateral services beyond antiques – i.e., helping you design and develop your lighting collection or develop a furniture collection. 

She explains how The Antiques Diva & Co Buying Tours work, what an antique buying tour costs as of Feb 1, 2022, and guarantees all pricing verbalized through May 1, 2022. She tells about how, in addition to antique buying tours, they offer concierge services for your travels helping you plan a vacation for some design inspiration after the buying tour. She then flips the switch and explains what a VIRTUAL Antiques Buying Tour is – or buying services when you can’t – or don't have time – to travel overseas. She explains how these antique picking services work, and why you should book a virtual tour instead of just click and buy online. She explains how she and her team get first access to vendors’ new inventory, and how you’re missing out on the best inventory and best prices if you’re not sourcing with The Antiques Diva & Co.

Toma is transparent. She explains exactly how she and her team get paid – transparency is the name of the game at The Antiques Diva & Co. She explains the commission process and how to ship antiques from abroad. She warns you what the problems are and what the potential delays are. She discusses the serious delays in the shipping process; the increased pricing for international shipping due to this COVID backlog; the shortage of storage spaces in warehouses for antique dealers; and how, now more than ever, it’s important to have a team on the ground helping you to not only take care of logistics but to also help you get space on a cargo ship to ship your goods! She tells the price of the international shipping. She tells how much to expect it to cost to ship a container of antiques from Europe to America. She gives worst case scenarios on shipping delays. 

She explains that her Antique Dealer Training Program is essentially business coaching for antique dealers – and she explains how each session works and what you should expect to get out of the mentoring sessions for antique dealers. She discusses the various topics they cover over the 20 hours of private business coaching with her and her colleague Margaret Schwartz of the Modern Antiquarian.  She explains her credentials and why she is one of the leading experts in the world for the Business of Antiques.

Lastly, Toma explains how her business is a reiteration of a reiteration of a reiteration – how it has continued to evolve to meet the needs of her client base. The thing Toma is better at than anyone is that she knows LISTENING to the needs of the antiques industry and coming up with SOLUTIONS and SERVICES address problems. She’s an intuitive and an empath and so when you talk she doesn’t just listen to you – she hears you. 

Her business has evolved to offer website development and marketing services for antique dealers to meet the needs of her clients. They offer content and social media management for antique dealers. She’s even posed as her clients (by logging into their account) on Instagram to help them engage in conversations with the right buyers to develop relationships, and she has written blog posts on their behalf. Her team can develop a marketing plan for you that either they or you can implement – it’s a step by step plan with proven strategies that work to grow your antiques business. 

At the end of the episode, she asks for your help – she asks you to rate, review, and share her podcast.  In order to continue the podcast, she needs more exposure to gain more listeners – and you as a listener can help spread the word about the Business of Antiques.

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