What's Spanx Got To Do With Antiques | Season 1 Ep 5
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Okay People: We are going to Get REAL on today's The Business of Antiques podcast.

You might say, We’re getting naked. Which given I’m recording this episode in Berlin Germany seems appropriate. My company The Antiques Diva is actually a German enterprise and I’m at headquarters to make sure all is right in the world. Now Berlin happens to be home of the Burlesque. So somehow saying We’re getting naked in Berlin feels appropriately inappropriate.  

Okay - we are keeping this PG - which means we are not totally naked but definitely we are stripping down to our Spanx. I LOVE Spanx. Let’s face it, I’m curvy girl. I’ll never be a waif. Even at my thinnest times I have curves. Boobs. A waist. Hips. It’s either a curse or a blessing depending who is talking about it. So when Spanx came out I was THRILLED. They are the perfect solution to my figure flaws (or assets).

BUT you have to be thinking what in the world is Toma Thinking - What do Spanx - and support garments in general - have to do with The Business of Antiques?


Because at The Business of Antiques I’m making you look at your Antiques Business in a Whole New Way. You’re not just building an antiques store - successful antique dealers build a brand.  

 And one of the most impressive brands I’ve come across in a long time is Spanx. 

Color tells a story. Why did Sara Blakely choose the color red to reflect her brand? What colors speak to you and tells your brand's story? 

Listen to to the podcast What's Spanx Got To Do With Antiques? to learn how sharing your authentic story can help you build your brand and take your antique business to the next level.

Talk to you soon,

Ciao Ciao

Toma Clark Haines, The Antiques Diva

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