Apostates - a hidden population for potential trauma and abuse - with Hari Parekh
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Thank you for listening to the Aspiring Psychologist Podcast.

In today’s episode we will be considering religion and what happens when someone decides to leave a faith. This is called being ‘an apostate’ and it can also have implications for identity trauma and abuse. I am joined by Hari Parekh who is a trainee clinical psychologist and has conducted research in this area. We hope you enjoy it.

The Highlights:

  • 00:30: Welcome
  • 01:31: Progress as a podcaster! & Context to the podcast episode
  • 03:29: Intro to Hari
  • 04:32: What is an apostate?
  • 06:09: Why haven’t we heard of it before?
  • 07:40: Family context and abuse
  • 08:43: Domestic violence and apostates’ crossover
  • 09:25: Culture and violence and abuse within families.
  • 10:34: Childhood ACE’s and apostasy
  • 11:48: 80-year-old apostate
  • 13:02: Family reactions to apostasy
  • 14:14: ‘Coming out’ as an apostate
  • 14:30: Scriptures
  • 15:44: Human reactions to apostasy
  • 16:20: Professional approaches and apostasy
  • 18:49: Formulation
  • 19:19: Confidence as professionals
  • 20:26: An organization to support apostates
  • 21:05: Hari’s own experiences
  • 21:48: Choosing a research topic
  • 22:31: Publishing research
  • 24:33: Raising awareness with professionals
  • 25:29: Thanks to Hari
  • 25:30: The Aspiring psychologist Collective, Aspiring psychologist Membership and future podcast episodes
  • 27:36: Connecting on Socials & Close


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