Character is the foundation to soft skill development
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Character is the foundation to soft skill development

The choices you make develop your character


Booker T. Washington once said, ““Character, not circumstances, makes the man.”

What is character? Do you have it? How do you know?

The choices you make develop your character. With every choice you make, the construction of your character continues. 

I’d like to share with you a process that I consider when I am thinking about my own development as a leader of character: a very fundamental process. that includes 4 phases where I can see potential practical applications to my character development.

The fundamental process: Assess – Develop – Implement – evaluate

1.      ASSESS: If I want to grow and develop as a person of character I must learn and keep learning how to assess and then chooses my thoughts; capturing them intentionally  

2.      DEVELOP: Assure that I am grounded in choosing to connect heart, mind and soul. 

3.      IMPLEMENT: take the time and energy to choose to be intentional  

5 components that make up people’s concept of being intentional

a.      I want to be a person of character

b.      I believe that the actions I take will help me to grow and develop as a person of character

c.      I intend to do the actions – this is where my self discipline really needs to kick in

d.      I have spent time learning about being a person of character and I have the ability to strengthen my most strongly held values

e.      I see change taking place by my actions. I am implementing my plan.

Back to the fundamental phases: The last phase is evaluation.  

4.      EVALUATE: My actions are where my character becomes evident. As I evaluate my actions this is where I get motivated. My character begins to grow and develop. I am ready to use this process again and again to solidify and mature my growth. AND, I am ready to reach out to someone else and share the journey with them…. 

Using the same fundamental process, here is how I can destroy my character.

1.      Cease the active work of capturing my thoughts – allowing my thoughts to wander;

2.      Disconnect my heart, mind and soul so that my desires are imbalanced

3.      Cease the work of intentional living: Let others choose my actions for me

4.      Cease to take the time to see if my intentions and my actions are aligned

What is Character?  Character is how you do anything. How you do everything. Character helps you get things done and goes far beyond the fame, the education, the finances, the titles…. Character is how you show up.

Are you looking for a coach who can walk you through this process. You can reach me at


Thanks to the leadership of Ron Harvey for hosting the Turning Point Leadership Round Table experience. You can find Ron at

Malle, B. F., & Knobe, J. (2001). The desire between desire and intention: A folk-conceptual analysis. In B. F. Malle, L. J. Moses, & D. A. Baldwin (Eds.), Intentions and intentionality: Foundations of social cognition. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.

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