Minimalism provides a new level of clarity
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Minimalism provides a new level of clarity

The value of minimalism in leadership

The focus of minimalism is not on “to own or not to own” but rather to gain clarity in removing distractions that continually impact the way you spend your days.

Being a minimalist doesn’t just happen. You must have a level of intentionality in order for minimalism to impact the way to spend your days; the way you lead your life. 

Becoming more minimalistic allows a person to create a space where a space did not exist.  

Becoming a minimalist is a way of life, a purposeful decision-making process to remove the distractions so that you can increase your focus and clarity on what matters the most in your life.  

What leader doesn’t long for less distractions.

Questions for a leader to consider:

  1. Where do I have influence in my days where I can control change?
  2. What am I creating space for?

Five of the twelve benefits of becoming a minimalist from Joshua Becker. He calls them the life-giving universal benefits of minimalism:

  • More time and energy
  • Less stress 
  • Less distraction
  • Less environmental impact
  • More contentment

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Becker, J. (2016). The More of Less. WaterBrook Press: Colorado. p. 8-10.

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