Self-awareness in all seasons
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Self-awareness in all seasons

"I must know who I am before I can go telling.

How can I share myself, if I don’t know who I’m sharing"

Dr Nina Ellison at age 13

Uncovering who you are, what you are, how you are and why you are! This is self-awareness! Being aware of the who, what, how and why of YOU plays a key role in how you approach new seasons.

“A workplace that encourages self-awareness is an environment where the most productive, curious, and innovative people thrive.” – Neil Blumenthal

Our lived experience demonstrates that self-centeredness blocks the promotion of self-awareness.

There is a tendency towards self-centeredness when:

1.            I have little curiosity about others’ perspectives. Often the conversation I have with others focuses on my own story and leaves little to no room for others to enter in with their experiences and story.

2.            I find I have no desire to receive feedback about being self-centered.  In the past others have indicated that there is opportunity for me to change but I don’t see that there is any need for change. Another way of saying this is that I frequently hold on to my way being the right way.  

3.            I see within myself a heightened experience of frustration when events do not go as I expected.

4.            I often disregard rules and guidelines, believing they don’t apply to me. 

The greatest challenge you will face will be increasing your self-awareness is how you want to lead yourself and then how you choose to lead and learn from others.

“You can't get away from yourself by moving from one place to another.” – Ernest Hemingway

Four questions that will add value to your growth as a self-aware leader.

1.            In this new season who, what, how and why will I lead myself?

2.            What is my sweet spot where I am at my very best? My strengths?  My talents?

3.            What is one way I will increase my self-discipline to advance the things I do well?

4.            What is my personal purpose?

To be successful as a self-aware leader in your next new season of life, take the purpose you have identified within YOU and model it while helping those your influence to solidify their purpose, define their strengths and move forward with a new level of self-awareness. 

As a soft skill expert, I discuss the skills that can be intentionally pursued to make a difference in your leadership.  In today’s job market, it is well known that employees who demonstrate a balanced combination of hard and soft skills are in greater demand. 

Leaders who are self-aware:

1.            Are more effective in the workplace

2.            Have better relationships with those they work with

3.            Recognize the significance of purpose and passion in their everyday life.

4.            Continue in the development of emotional stability

The concepts of character and core values are gaining momentum. Soft skill matter!

Are you ready for a coach to help you raise your level of self-awareness, to prepare for a new season? I can help.  Connect with me Healthy Leadership Contact and set up a free call. 

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