Leader With A Decided Heart
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Leader with a decided heart

 In this discussion today I have purposely linked 4 pairs of words. The first 4 words describe

those with a decided heart: consistent, articulate, passionate and hopeful. The

second set of words come from research that defines the 4 basic needs of all

who follow leaders: Stability, trust, compassion and hope.  


You may have already noticed how I paired them:

A decided heart leader is consistent. Those who follow them feel stable.

A decide heart leader is articulate.  Those who follow them trust them.

A decided heart leader is passionate. Those who follow feel compassion.

A decided heart leader is hopeful.  Those who follow them find hope in the future.

A leader with a decided heart meets the most basic needs of those who follow them!

I am Niña Ellison.  Thanks for joining me today You can reach me at http://www.healthyleadership.online

 Call me.  We can discuss how I can partner with you in your growth journey.  


Endurance, Lost Ship found after 107 years

The Traveler's Gift. Andy Andrews

4 Things Followers Need. Strengths Based


Margot, M., & Capparell, S. (2001). Shackleton's Way: Leadership Lessons from the Great Antarctic Explorer. London: Penguin books.

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