The Art of We
The Art of We
Nov 23, 2023
57. Facing Loneliness This Time Of Year
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In episode 57 of the "Art of We" podcast, hosts Krista and Dr. Will Van Derveer discuss the epidemic of loneliness and isolation, particularly during the darker and colder days of the year. They emphasize the importance of normalizing these feelings and acknowledge that even individuals in strong partnerships or with supportive communities often experience a version of loneliness. 

Dr. Will speculates on the biological and societal factors contributing to seasonal loneliness. Krista shares statistics from the US Surgeon General of 2023, highlighting the significant health risks associated with social isolation.

The hosts explore various strategies to cope with loneliness, including sharing their common go-tos. Dr. Will discusses the benefits of bright light therapy for seasonal affective disorder and the potential role of vitamin D supplementation in addressing depression. They conclude by encouraging listeners to also share their experiences and coping strategies around loneliness.

Main Topics Covered:

  • Loneliness and isolation are discussed as an epidemic, especially during the darker days of the year.
  • Biological and societal factors contribute to seasonal loneliness.
  • Statistics from the US Surgeon General highlight the health risks associated with social isolation.
  • Normalizing everyone feels flavors of this from time to time and ways to help soothe the 
  • Bright light therapy and vitamin D supplementation are suggested as potential interventions for seasonal affective disorder.
  • Reflecting on negative historical experiences during this time of year that can color the present day experience

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