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The Art of We
Feb 9, 2023
16. "How To Build A Sex Room" Netflix Series Review
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The Netflix series called “How to Build a Sex Room” is sparking conversations for us around sex, sensuality, and pleasure. In this episode, we share our review of the series and unpack topics including deprogramming cultural norms, why a sex room could be supportive in a partnership, the conversations many couples don’t have, and personal shares of what we’re doing to expand our expression of authentic desire in the bedroom. 

“How to Build a Sex Room” features couples who turn to interior designer Melanie Rose to co-create a sacred sex space in their home. On the show, you can see how the design process helps the couples open up about their sexual needs and expand their pleasure toolbox. There’s a true celebration of diversity in sexual expression on the show and it brings this taboo subject to a broader audience. 

For us, the show highlights how sensitive it can be for couples when they don't have the tools to communicate about their sex life. It has us thinking about the common problems that different genders face around sexual performance and pleasure. Building a sex room is awesome, but if couples aren’t doing the deeper work together, there’s a lot of missed opportunity.

This week, we invite you to take an honest look at the way you navigate pleasure and sexuality in your life. Are you satisfied at the deepest level? If not, what tools or support might help you get there? 

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Topics Covered:

  • What we think the show does really well and where we think it’s lacking
  • Exploring idea of “how you show up in the bedroom is how you show up in life” and how we can use the bedroom to develop our sovereignty 
  • Personal shares about our own challenges with pleasure together and with previous partners
  • The challenge of cultural programming and it’s stifling grip on what sexuality and pleasure should and shouldn’t look like
  • Normalizing sexuality and accepting difference in individuals and communities 

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