The Art of We
The Art of We
May 11, 2023
29. Too Many Needs, Too Little Time?
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What happens when you bring an external element into your couple bubble that disrupts the connectivity? Maybe it’s a child, an aging parent, a new job, or in our case, a puppy, all of which require a reconfiguration of how everyone’s needs are met. In today’s episode, we explore techniques that help us address the impacts of throwing a curveball into our well-oiled system. 

When we decided to introduce a new puppy into our dynamic, we knew life was going to be chaotic for the first few months, but ultimately viewed it as an opportunity to expand of our capacity to hold more as a team. Throughout this process, we’re learning to recognize each other's default patterning when things get rocky and help one another shift out of wounded reactivity into a more conscious and sovereign space. 

In this episode we share the tools we use to help us during those rocky moments, including practicing compassion for ourselves and our partner. Doing so helps bridge the gap of reconnection and facilitates communication about unmet needs and understanding our partner’s stress responses. 

If you’re facing new challenges in your relationship, it might be a good time to revisit the conversation about what you’re “up to” as a couple and address how external factors affect that vision. Where are there opportunities to expand and grow together because of those impacts? 

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Topics Covered:

  • Why it’s important to explicitly talk about the purpose of bringing something new into your dynamic 
  • Staying at choice in how we are operating together, versus being dominated by our environment and stressors
  • Ways to communicate about getting your needs met 
  • Collaborating about how to handle challenges 
  • Staying committed to the vision of what’s possible when you and your partner embrace a growth mindset

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