The Art of We
The Art of We
Jul 13, 2023
38. Money Honey! Finances, Prenups, Decision Making
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The conversation around money isn’t always lighthearted, honey. Money is one of the top stressors and major areas of conflict for many couples, which is why we put as much care and attention to how we do finances as we do anything else. In our opinion, there’s not a right or wrong regarding how money is dealt with inside of a partnership, as long as there’s true alignment between both partners.

In this episode, we discuss how finances, prenups, and decision making have all contributed to the overall success of our relationship while respecting individual values along the way. We share past experiences that inform present decision making as a couple, and how Dr. John Demartini’s techniques (which we’ve utilized since the beginning of our marriage) help illustrate perspective around current vs. future lifestyle and income. 

We share our outlook on financials as a married couple including the power of agreements throughout the process — especially when rubbing up against a growth edge during harder conversations. We share stories from past experiences in relation to financial dynamics and how those lessons help us appreciate our decisions on how we do money in partnership today. Organization around our finances is one way we are able to access the world through the lens of, “We can do more than I can.”

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Topics Covered:

  • Finances as a couple and the power of agreements
  • The decision of and reason for not getting a prenup 
  • How to spend money in a way that reflects both sets of values
  • The importance of taking time to process and find alignment about financial decisions
  • Tactics learned about age, lifestyle, and the ability to earn money
  • Dr. John Demartini’s financial methods and techniques
  • How we make decisions around money and plan for the future

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