The Art of We
The Art of We
Sep 21, 2023
48. Harnessing The Gifts Of Loss + Death
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Trigger Warning: Discussion of death at 5:41–8:09

This is a special edition podcast episode: Eight years ago — on the exact day we recorded this episode — Krista’s previous partner to Will suddenly died. While we tend to think about loss and grief as negative experiences, we don’t always think about the richness or gifts that can be relieved through the process. In this episode, we explore Krista’s loss and lessons from eight years of distance, but also, how grief can serve as an unexpected doorway to our next greatest calling. 

Krista shares how a deep loss and her dark night of the soul triggered years of healing and processing, but also gave her profound insight to stand for something she really wanted, and an uncanny commitment to co-create it in this lifetime: her extraordinary marriage with Will.

Our vulnerable share comes from the belief that when we have the right support to process and to heal, our losses can ultimately lead us to important life lessons that we potentially otherwise wouldn't learn. However in order to find the “gold” we have to move through the hard feelings to get to the gold. 

Our invitation for you this week is to reflect deeply and hold your losses. Are there places where you can learn and grow from the hardest moments that you've been through? Please share any findings with us, we’d love to hear from you.

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Topics Covered:

  • Krista reflects on the eight-year journey around grief, loss, and the challenge of being human 
  • Krista shares context around her past relationship and her former partner’s death
  • The complexity of questioning our actions and finding a reframe for overtaking responsibility 
  • Krista shares a lingering conversation and how it allowed her to examine moments 
  • How Krista’s loss helped create a shift around relationship from the “we” perspective
  • The gift of trusting loss and the value of things not always working out the way we want
  • Why standing up for something you want is a daily, committed experience

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