The Art of We
The Art of We
Nov 24, 2022
5. Being For Each Other's Success
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The framework of our vows keeps us grounded and willing to engage in conversations that can be challenging or uncomfortable. In this episode, we explore our vow to live from the knowing that we both win from each other’s successes. We dive into the essence of being for each other's success, how we challenge and support each other to grow, and describe what this practice could look like in the workplace. 

The foundation of being for each other’s success requires really knowing your partner, their life goals, and your collaborative aspirations. We define what success means for us in the context of a partnership and contemplate situations when it’s hardest and easiest to support each other in pursuing our goals. We also touch on how we work through feelings of fear, scarcity, and competition when they come up. 

This vow can also be viewed through the lens of friendships and working relationships. Part of being for someone’s success in a professional setting is understanding when it’s time to let them go so they can find a position or company that’s better suited for their expertise and values. Listen in to hear more of our conversation on what it means to really support someone in their pursuit of success. 

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Topics Covered:

  • One of the ways that we like to show up for each other’s success 
  • A pattern that we’re working through around this concept 
  • Making the commitment to authentically participate in challenging, honest conversations 
  • Overcoming the subtle fear that you might experience when your partner accomplishes a goal 
  • Rerouting the default coping mechanism to choose false independence when we’re stressed 
  • How you can actually fire somebody as an expression of being for their success

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