The Art of We
The Art of We
Jan 19, 2023
13. The Power of Assuming Positive Intent (When Negatively Impacted)
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When someone says or does something that negatively impacts you, what’s your default assumption about their intention? It’s hard to assume positive intent when you feel triggered, but committing to that as a practice is an opportunity for taking greater leadership in relationship.

We’ve made it a vow to practice getting into each other’s worlds around impact and intention, and in today's episode, we explore what that looks like for us and how you can apply it to your relationships. 

We break down a couple of scenarios to illustrate how we gain strength in our secure attachment by assuming positive intent when negatively impacted, and also by taking greater responsibility for the impact we have on each other.

There’s a certain framework that we use to understand each other’s perspective and hold ourselves accountable for our words and actions. As always, we invite you to take what resonates with you and use it to whatever degree you see fit. 

We also have a challenge for you: practice this concept where it's a little bit uncomfortable, and let us know what happens. We really want to know what you're learning and what you notice. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in our DMs on Instagram at @artofwepodcast.  

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Topics Covered:

  • What we mean by assuming positive intent 
  • It’s not an excuse to avoid uncomfortable conversations
  • Steps to take when we’ve been negatively impacted
  • Elevating your leadership by taking responsibility for the impact of your words and actions 
  • Understanding how rare it is for someone to actually have harmful intentions 

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