Tech Seeking Human
Dave Anderson
A podcast about the exponential growth of software, technology and AI and the impact it has on humanity with Dave Anderson. Is technology good or bad? Is it helping us or making us worse? What do we need to do to make our society, our parenting, are children aware of it's opportunity and it's shortcomings? They’re the questions some of the smartest people on earth are asking. And the truth is, nobody really knows for sure. A journey of curiosity, discovery, and occasional terror, as we search for answers with scientists, authors, TED talkers, and the brightest minds in tech. Hosted by Aussie tech evangelist Dave Anderson, we’ll dive deep into the myths, realities, and possibilities. Answer your deepest, darkest questions. Blow your mind with surprising and incredible discoveries. And unpack one of the most important, most controversial, most terrifying, and least-understood technologies.
Tech Seeking Human
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