Tech Seeking Human
Tech Seeking Human
Jun 20, 2021
Max Tegmark - Will AI be the best or worst thing ever for humanity?
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The future of life - AI could be the best thing or the worst thing that can happen to humanity.

We have less than 50% probability of society surviving the next 50 years. Max Tegmark, a leading scientist and authority on AI, is adamant that the future we want, is the future we need to design. This isn't science fiction. Max founded the 'Future of Life Institute, which counts Elon Musk and Larry Page as members, to drive a global agenda toward a future where AI helps, not hinders.

The risks are plentiful - we could develop AI systems that 'outsmart us', selfish leaders could create an AI powered nuclear war, but the rewards are even greater. Redistribution of wealth so we can work in jobs we want to work in, healthcare and education could be greatly improved, poverty could be eliminated, and we can do more of what we like doing.

But this reality requires thinking and acting on the possibilities of AI and designing a way to control and work with this technology.  It requires a global shared vision. But getting there doesn't seem as simple as it sounds.

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