AI: Policy, Bias, and Imperfections w/ Mutale Nkonde
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Rewriting the system: "All artificial intelligence (AI) is doing is highlighting the imperfections of our past. The only way to make these systems better is that we have to have a multi-pronged strategy to improve these ills of society so that we can have the machines that we want rather than the machines that we deserve.”

—Mutale Nkonde , / AI Policy Analyst, CEO/Founder AI for the People


That’s my guest Mutale Nkonde. Mutale is the founder of AI for the People, and we discuss the importance of addressing bias in AI algorithms and the need for diverse representation in AI development. She highlights the impact of biased algorithms on marginalized communities and emphasizes the role of policy advisors in shaping AI regulations. Mutale shares her experiences and calls for AI to be a tool that benefits everyone, rather than replacing human creativity. We also discuss the need for content creators to have control and ownership over AI technology.




  • Algorithms and AI systems can perpetuate bias and discrimination if not properly regulated.
  • The lack of diversity in the tech industry contributes to biased algorithms and products.
  • It is important to understand the power of storytelling and the impact of representation in the media.
  • Policies and regulations are necessary to ensure accountability and prevent the exploitation of marginalized communities.


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