The WizeGuys
The WizeGuys
Feb 11, 2021
Trusting Trust
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In this episode we’re going to wrestle with the concept of trust. We realize that at times it’s harmful, but we’ll look at how it can help us do life better as well. Yea, no easy answers, here, but we never said that there were, did we? As always, our conversation will be rogueish, and we’ll weave in our core values of seeking wisdom, applying the “why’s” and, as always, we’ll share a mystic MacNugget. Once again, “It’s strap in time…” “Namaste, all of you beautifully, exotic cocktails… Manifesto points to consider: Together is Typically Better. Wisdom lets the wise, eternal self out of the cage. Because if you change your mind, you change your life. The Setup: Trust is what, exactly…? Confidence, assurance, reliance Trust vs. Faith. Faith is a noun(having). Trust is a verb(doing). Fiat currency. The irony of “In God We Trust” on our currency. “Backed by the full faith credit of The United States.” The Sirens. Lured by lack of discernment. How do we reverse the overall contemptuous attitude we have toward one another? The deep dive/takeways: Trust in: A Deity/Universe, and are they the same? Natural laws vs theological laws/truths Government/Social contract People Earned trustworthiness. Just do it! Biblical story of the invalid and his tribe. Ourselves Vulnerability Innate Conscience Intuition True self Can we trust our hearts? Learning to trust aids in decisiveness, maturity, and strength of character. MYSTIC MACNUGGET “Trust each moment to take you where you need to go.” -Tama Kieves Links to some of the stuff in the episode:! (Connected. )The hidden science of everything. On Netflix. (The Chosen). Great miniseries on Jesus as he calls his disciples. Great depiction of the invalid and his four friends.
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