The WizeGuys
The WizeGuys
Mar 4, 2021
Less is More Part 1
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In this episode we introduce one of those “Cosmic Conundrums” that illustrates how upside-down deep wisdom can be at times. I know, you are probably saying, “what does he mean by that?!” Stick around. As always, our conversation will be roguish, and we’ll weave in our core values of seeking wisdom, applying the “why’s” and, as always, we’ll share a mystic MacNugget. Here we go… “It’s strap in time…” “Namaste, all of you beautifully, exotic cocktails… Comment on Facebook, like us, follow us, email us, we want to more of these stories! Manifesto points to consider: A life spiritualized is a life simplified. Wise measures effectiveness against faithfulness. Wize uncovers your adventures in missing the point. Wize gets used to different. Because if you change your mind you change your life. We’ve got one of those Cosmic Conundrums-Less provides More. If you live deliberately with less, will that help you to do it just a little bit better? We say YES! Not just about the budget, but about the bottom line. How? We’ll share the list, but we will break these up into two episodes. De Clutter Avoid the noise. Keep only beautiful and useful things. Let go of what you are used to. Take a nap on Sundays. Practice gratitude Stop rushing. Prepare simple home-cooked meals. Appreciate nature. Celebrate happy moments. Spiritualize life. Focus on fulfillment, not money. 1. De Clutter a. Your space b. Your stuff c. Your mind d. Your relationships e. Your commitments 2. Avoid the noise. a. News b. Social media 3. Keep only beautiful or useful things. a. Adopt a more minimalistic mindset. 4. Let go of what you’re used to a. Proclaim what’s “acceptable” to be “unacceptable”. You had better strap in, however… 5. Take naps on Sundays. a. What does your exhale time look like? b. Meditation/mindfulness c. Turn off work related information. d. Do you ever do nothing? 6. Practice Gratitude a. An attitude of the heart b. Blessings c. Purpose to incorporate a verbal practice. MYSTIC MACNUGGET “Let the universe crumble you so that it can refashion an impeccable you.” -Mac
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