The WizeGuys
The WizeGuys
May 20, 2021
You Might Be a Mystic If...
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In this episode we’re going to flesh out the idea of “the mystic”. It’s central to who we are and that we think cultivating an awareness of the “mysteries of life” is a definite way to do it [way] better! And, as always, our conversation will be roguish, as we weave in our core values and we’ll share a mystic MacNugget. Time for us to put on our cowls and journey into the grey… Hey Stu… “Namaste, all of you beautifully, exotic cocktails… Comment on Facebook, email us, we want to more of these stories! THE SETUP: WHAT IS A MYSTIC? EVERYONE! When you know someone is industrious, studious, compassionate, loved by friends and neighbors, tolerant in religious views, and who can point out to you the magnificence and presence of God in the simplest of things…you have probably found a mystic. It just might be you! TRAITS OF A MYSTIC Industrious and studious. Experienced the divine. Compassionate. Loved by friends and neighbors. A connection maker. Tolerant in religious views. Non-dualistic. One who can point out to you (articulate) the magnificence and presence of God in the simplest of things. Panentheistic. Sees the oneness of all things. Stands in awe of life. Cultivates a balance between our light and dark natures. Trusts their heart knowledge. WHY DOES THIS MATTER? Embracing your mysticism frees you from the bondage of a life driven by your cognitive ability. “Or better” is really a possibility and not just an ism. Teaches you to trust in a power greater than yourself. It enhances everything. Moves you beyond your old self. “What got you here is not going to get you there.” WHAT CAN WE DO TO CULTIVATE OUR INNER MYSTIC? Prayer, meditation, mindfulness. Devotion to a higher power (God). Study the mysteries. Humanistic and faith based. Poets. Rumi, Gibran. Serve others. Mystic MacNugget: “God cannot catch us unless we stay in the unconscious room of our hearts.” -Patrick Kavanagh (Irish poet and writer)
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