The Art of Work
The Art of Work
21 ott 2021
The Art of Work preview (and highlights from Work Interrupted)
Riproduci • 36 min

How do we find fulfilment as we pay the bills? In her podcast Work Interrupted, Christina Patterson talked to people from a range of working backgrounds - business, journalism, the arts, healthcare, music, books, broadcasting, academia - to find out how their work was changing in the light of the pandemic. As we start to come out of it, she will focus on how we can all build a work life that brings some meaning, fun and even joy. In this preview of The Art of Work, she offers highlights from the two seasons of Work Interrupted. Tech entrepreneur Margaret Heffernan talks about how she livened up a boring project with live rabbits. Artistic Director of English National Ballet Tamara Rojo talks about dealing with pandemic misery by baking a seven-flavour, five-layer cake. Writer and coach Harriet Minter explains why work is like sex. Rapper Guvna B shares his moving definition of success. And doctor Rachel Clarke talks about the joy of death as a day job.

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