Future Pacing to Attract Clients
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Future Pacing helps clients visualise their future and feel motivated to take action towards their goals. Jo shares two types of future pacing techniques, positive and negative, and emphasises the importance of combining them for a powerful call to action. She also addresses ethical concerns

Introduction [00:00:00]

Jo Lott introduces herself and the topic of future pacing to attract clients.

Dare Greatly event and future pacing [00:00:27]

Jo talks about her recent Dare Greatly event and how future pacing can help people visualise themselves in opportunistic times of the year, such as summer.

Positive and negative future pacing techniques [00:02:24]

Jo explains the two types of future pacing techniques: positive and negative, and how they can be combined for a powerful call to action.

Future Pacing Techniques [00:10:17]

Jo Lott explains how future pacing can be used in various communication channels to attract clients and encourages listeners to implement positive and negative future pacing techniques.

Ethical Concerns [00:10:17]

Jo Lott addresses the ethical concerns around future pacing and emphasises that it is all about good intentions to help clients move forward.

Call to Action [00:11:16]

Jo Lott urges listeners to use future pacing to inspire people to seek help sooner and transform their lives.

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