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If you've been curious as to what goes on inside The Business of Coaching, this episode is for you.

Jo discusses her program "The Business of Coaching" and answers common questions about joining, personal support, niching, and working with both men and women. She emphasises the benefits of being part of a supportive community and invites listeners to explore her program and a one-off sprint option called "Offer to Market in 30 Days."

The business of coaching [00:01:27] Jo explains who the business of coaching is for and the results you can expect from joining.

Phases of the program [00:06:06] Jo describes the three phases of the program: gaining clarity on niche and offer, marketing the coaching services, and ensuring amazing delivery.

Continuous learning and refinement [00:04:52] Emphasises the importance of being part of a container that helps you continuously learn and grow, and how small refinements can transform your business.

Finding the Right Path [00:10:56] Discussion on different routes to building a business and meeting personal needs for security and success.

Transforming a Business [00:12:10] Case study of Natasha's transformation in her business, finding a balance between income sources.

Personalised Support and Fast-tracking Progress [00:13:17] Explanation of the level of personalized support in the program and how it can accelerate progress in business.

The podcast's community and working with men and women [00:21:19] Discussion about the community of coaches and the inclusivity of the program, including the experience of working with men.

The importance of niche and progress [00:22:31] The significance of accepting feedback on niche and the emotional journey of making progress in the coaching business.

Difference between programs and offer to market in 30 days [00:24:49] Explanation of the one-off program and its focus on selling offers quickly, compared to the six-month container of the business of coaching program

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