Creating a Frictionless Mixing Experience | with Matt Huber
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Todays guest is Nashville based mix engineer Matt Huber. Matt has become known for his highly competitive pop and indie mixes, racking up credits for artists such as Valley, Betty Who, Nightly, Joan, ELIO, and CRUISR over the last few years. He’s also passionate about education and building community within the mix engineer world. We have a great chat about mixing workflows, Dolby Atmos, home studio builds, being excellent every day, and why it takes more than just the best mix to get the gig.

πŸ—’ In this episode we'll dig in on... πŸ—’

  • The value of the rough mix
  • The importance of being in the artist's corner
  • Using tech to over-delivery
  • The simplicity of a great mix
  • Being a solution to people's problems
  • Valuing every mix like it's the biggest mix you've ever done
  • Dolby Atmos and binaural translation
  • Using Soundflow to increase workflow speeds
  • Phasers on the mix buss
  • Going against your natural inclination

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Time and Our Perception of It

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Mooney - Listen on Spotify

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Guest: Matt Huber

Host: Travis Ference

Editor: Stephen Boyd

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