Joseph Thompson: Language, Meta-Performance, and What You are Capable Of
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This week's guest, Joseph Thompson, is an executive coach working under the umbrella of Novus Global. While not directly involved in the music industry, his career path is very in line with the concepts of this show. Novus Global is an international coaching firm working with leaders at the forefront of business, athletics, entertainment, and government. Joseph has committed himself to leading others beyond high performance and encouraging them to build out the life and career that they want. We have a great chat about pushing yourself, discovering what you are capable of, and how changing your language can change your perspective.

In this episode, we'll dig in on...

  • Being productive vs making progress
  • Meta-Performance
  • Changing your language to change your perspective
  • Setting goals outside the edge of your comfort zone
  • Dis-empowered vs empowered
  • Leadership
  • Limiting beliefs

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Guest: Joseph Thompson

Host: Travis Ference

Editor: Travis Ference

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