Problem Busters
Problem Busters
Apr 30, 2022
Nathan Ranklin - Taking charge of your weight
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Nathan Ranklin has lost 18.5 stone, over 200kg and half his body weight. He talks the Problem Busters through what it's like to be a "big kid" growing up, how he took control of his weight (and kept it off), and most importantly - how he's helping others do the same.

This is an honest and empowering look at a global issue which affects many in our lives at any given moment. Nathan has a disarming yet straight up style and therefore delivers a punchy and important message in an easy to digest way.

We talk diet, lifestyle and modern food. Nathan explains how listening to those who have an addiction to food (or anything else) is the single most important step.

About the show:

Problem Busters is a show that explores solutions to the biggest and the smallest of problems. Hosts Jonathan Goodwin and Oliver Happy discuss making the world a better place with guests from far and wide.

About our guest:

Nathan Ranklin is a 1:1 Diet Consultant for Cambridge Weight Plan. He lost 18 and half stones in 14 months, and won the male slimmer of the year 2020. Now he is here to share his gift with the world - the ability to take charge of your weight.

Show mentions:

  • 02:00 Growing up as a "big kid", being isolated as a result of my size
  • Issues with food: comfort, binge and secret eater.
  • For me, food was just there as my best friend - I'd just turn to it.
  • Being a secret eater, it's hard for friends and family to monitor - as they don't see the eating
  • 03:00 First realisation of being big at Alton towers, being taken off the ride at age 12. Doctor at 14 saying if you carry on like this, you would make it to 30.
  • As a teenager I was still quite active, running about.
  • 05:00 At 18, sitting down and doing nothing, I piled the weight on. There is always a reason to eat in the office. I was a yes man to eating.
  • Being a binge drinker as well as a bing eater.
  • At 20, diagnosed with sleep apnea. The fat around my throat limiting my breathing when I lay down at night to sleep.
  • Being on a machine to sleep all through my 20s.
  • At 26 being bed bound for a few days - the doctor turned around and said the weight you are, what do you expect? This was when the hard reality really set in.
  • At 29 - went to Budapest, was quite sluggish this time. I wasn't the same, I was always tired. I needed a machine to stay alive at night time. Having to shop online or at big shops.
  • 09:00 the moment I had an intervention from a Jamaican woman I sat down next to.
  • I ran away for 4 months, but this woman was so persistent, she kept catching me in all the worst moments. Catch me having naughty meals.
  • Eventually I gave in and went to her house on 22 March 2019.
  • I weighed 36.9 stone (239 kilos).
  • She promised me that I would never see that weight again, that she promised I would go down to a L size shirt size. How could she change my life in a week?
  • I did the 1:1 diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.
  • I hated it, hated everyone around.
  • 13:00 I had tried a lot of diets before, but there was no one really there. Even through the doctors. No real structure. This was the first time I had someone on my ass the whole time.
  • A week later I came back, I didn't feel like I can lost any weight
  • To my surprise I lost 17 pounds (just over a stone, 7.7 kilos).
  • Next week, another 10 pounds (almost 2 stone in 2 weeks!)
  • I was hooked, the calculations were done. That was it, there was no turning back.
  • I'm thinking I have a second chance here.
  • The result - in 14 months straight, lost 17.5 stones (107 kg).
  • How I did it, a lot of walking then I started the gym afterwards.
  • The 1:1 diet is a combination of meal replacements and a healthy meal plan. It's all calculated for you, then I had to make myself the two additional meals.
  • The thing was cutting out the carbohydrates.
  • I kept seasoning all my food
  • I started using fry light instead of oil, a george forman and an air fryer
  • Tech: Air fryer - I absolutely love it!
  • 19:00 The way to losing weight is - Water, your sleep, diet then exercise.
  • Water goes in, breaks down the fat in the cells and flushes it out.
  • I now drink 5 litres a day, just to stay hydrated.
  • Majority of people should drink 2.5 - 3 litres a day
  • 22:00 How I became a weight loss coach.
  • 24:00 How being a weight loss coach works. Getting to know the person. Know their triggers. It's not one size fits all. What are the issues they are dealing with? Gaining weight is usually a side issue to something else. It's often filling a void of something else.
  • It's all about relating to the person so I can help them.
  • Then putting together a plan for them. Calorie limits, eating plan, tailored to their lifestyle.
  • 27:30 The slimmer light is a choice I make every day. It's easy to slip into old habits. Everyone's body works differently.
  • 29:00 Some mistakes I made and what I learned.
  • The general level of people's knowledge is quite low.
  • It's not's people's fault, they've never been educated.
  • Social media and all the Just Eat adverts appear on Fridays.
  • 31:30 The weekend is the hardest thing. The number one line is "the diet starts on Monday". Weekends and evenings. The cake I watched. The cake that watched me.
  • 33:50 What about cheat days? I cheated for 29 years, I didn't need any more cheat days. I'd say plan in your meals. Work it out. The calories you will consume. You don't want this cheat day to wreck everything you've done.
  • Get to the point you have control over your habits, then you can plan in the occasional naughty meal.
  • 36:30 Food addiction is a real thing, that doesn't really get discussed.
  • Usually people have a stone, 2 stones, maybe 5 stones to lose. They have the same problems, but they are catching it earlier.
  • 38:30 How to tackle your weight. First step, be honest with yourself. It's never to late to start. Make sure you are doing it for yourself and not for someone else. And just get started.
  • 40:00 How to support a loved one who is trying to lose weight.
  • Do not fat shame! That whole bullying thing will trigger another emotion.
  • Have conversations and see how they are feeling.
  • If you don't have a problem with your weight, and your family or loved one is having trouble with theirs, do your naughty take aways out of the house.
  • Do jump on board with the plan. You don't have to diet, but get involved with the cooking. Everyone can benefit from having a nice healthy meal.
  • Suggest activities that don't resolve around food. There are so many things you can do that don't involve food.
  • Show your support by joining them once a week or a month with them at a gym.
  • You can occasionally fight their corner for them. Maybe you don't need another drink or another meal.
  • It's all about being conscious.
  • 45:00 All the things people did, that didn't help me when I was on my diet. Why don't we share it? It's me. So many shady things that didn't help.
  • When you change your life around, you need to understand that people need time to catch up. I flipped the switch and that was it. There was no public announcement, that was it.
  • 49:00 The sharing section
  • 50:00 Who do I most look up to in the world? Barak Obama. Because he defied all odds and became a black president. I relate to that in the sense that I always thought I would be this big person. I've defied the odds.
  • Book - The SAS guide to survival. I feel that growing up in a concrete jungle in London, books were always successful and networking. Money orientated. This book is nothing to do with money. It's about getting back to nature. Being the black Bear Grylls!
  • The importance of reconnecting to nature, a long walk to recalibrate yourself
  • Projects or movements have me most excited? I want to help expand my team. Help train people to help people lose weight.
  • I want to educate the youth - that's missing. I feel like they are getting left behind. Their skills are going to come from YouTube.
  • Kids are exposed to so many things and so quickly. They need guidance.
  • Zoom has allowed me to connect to so many people all around the world. To connect to people and my dieters from anywhere.
  • Tik Tok - the algorithms are amazing.
  • The information on Tik Tok is the best when you're travelling. You can plan your life via Tik Tok!
  • 01:02:04 One thing you'd like to change in the world? The education system for children. I'd implement nutrition and exercise in there properly. Food technology should not be optional.
  • 01:04:00 Always cook from fresh. I love food. I like to understand what I'm making.
  • 01:05:00 The one thing would you like people to take away from this episode? You are never too far gone. If I can do it, you can do it too. If you have a goal in life, it is never too late to go for it. There is so much you can do in a year.
  • Getting in touch: Facebook (nathan ranklin), Instagram (call_me_slender), Tik Tok (1:1 diet with slender).

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